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What's your customer service message, Do you live by it?

21 Jul 2017 9:10 AM | Anonymous

Customer service has an implied meaning to most people who purchase something from a business. It's two words that ultimately convey a message behind your brand; or least that's what customer service should do when the message is effectively delivered. A big part of what's involved with customer interactions involving any type of Internet marketing is consistently interacting with your target audience and keeping your existing customers equally engaged and satisfied.

What Message Are You Sending Now?

Think about how you engage with your customers now. Are you aware of what common concerns they have? Do you know what it is they like most and least about your business? If you don't know the answer to questions like this, you probably don't have a clear customer service message. A highly economical -- it's often free -- and effective way to determine what matters most to your audience is to stay active on social media. Refine your customer service message by:

 • Monitoring comments left by customers

 • Asking specific questions to determine what matters most to your customers

 • Exploring your demographics to get a better idea of who your audience is


How Responsive Are You?

 Customer aren't shy about complaining online when they're unhappy. And they expect a response within an hour, according to survey results. Part of the customer service message you live by needs to involve a plan for responding to inquiries beyond providing an email address. While an "800" number can be effective, social media response to customer feedback, even when it's not so positive, is essential.


What's Your Customer Service Plan?

 When putting together a plan, determine what tools you'll need to do things like sharing feedback, supporting workflow processes, and scheduling posts. Your plan should also include a crisis management plan in the event of some unexpected PR or other happenings that could tarnish your brand's image. Finally, get everyone on the same page to ensure some level of consistency with your customers and the way they are treated.


Do You Encourage Feedback?

 If not, you're missing a prime opportunity to gauge how your customers perceive your brand. Feedback also allows you to see where there's room for improvement. And it's something you can easily solicit through your emails, blogs, and other online forms of communication. With social media feedback, however, there's more of a productive back and forth, so why not encourage your customers to go to your social channels? Consistent feedback also allows you to:

 • Identify what product options your customers prefer that you're not currently offering

 • Test reactions to new services or products

 • Gain useful customer insights that may come in handy with product development and future marketing endeavors

Most online consumers "expect" brands to be actively engaged with them online. This means there are many compelling reasons to stay connected with your target audience. It's also an added incentive to make customer service the heart of your social media marketing efforts. If you don't have the time or resources to tackle these demands yourself, consider working with a reliable Internet marketing company like Siren Song Marketing Group to maintain a consistent level of productive engagement.

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